Voyager is a 18+ sim that has an rpg rating of 333. Players must follow the rules and regulations of Voyager, as well as the regulations of SIM Central. The current rules are as follows:

1: The 333 rating means that explicit violence, swearing and mature language, and sexual content with is permitted. While the rule for the rating is more relaxed than other simulations, please do not go overboard. If you are unsure if something is alright to add, please ask the GM. Furthermore, any characters that are partaking in sexual acts or graphic written violence must be aged eighteen or older. I also politely ask that if there is explicit sexual content, please label it as explicit.

2: Please keep the drama outside of the sim. This is a place that is meant for writing and having fun. That being said, your characters are allowed to have drama between each other, as it makes for decent writing and story lines.

3: Please post at least twice a month. I understand that life happens, but please do not go AWOL. If you need to take an LOA, or an ELOA, please contact a game manager. Life happens, and life comes first before this game.

4: NPCs are allowed to be created. You are free to create NPCs in your own department. However, if you want to create an NPC for another department, then you must discuss doing so with the appropriate department head.

5: Voyager takes place in the "Enterprise" era of Star Trek. While this is the prime universe of trek, many technologies are yet to be discovered or very new. I ask that you please reflect this in your writing. If you have any questions on canon, please ask a GM.

6: Please follow all SIM Central rules, regulations, and guidelines as well. Please also follow the guidelines for the SIM Central Discord sever.

7: This rules list has the possibility of being updated at any time, so please check every once and a while.

8: Have fun!